Case Studies

Improve strategic focus, employee engagement, and demonstrate greater emotional control in challenging situations.

Wendy worked with a Senior Director of Sales at a tech start-up that wanted to be a stronger leader in his current role and be a greater contributor to the senior leadership team. They worked together using 360 interviews, alignment meetings with his manager and a variety of other techniques to achieve traction in each area. While they worked together he began to receive positive feedback from the leadership team on how he handled tough conversations with his peers and direct reports. With a stronger strategic focus, he revamped a number of sales onboarding processes to reduce ramp time for new team members. 

Improve teamwork, employee accountability and engagement.

Wendy worked closely with a CEO and senior leadership team to identify each team member’s emotional intelligence strengths and areas for development specifically around teamwork and individual leadership. Using the EQ-i 2.0 Assessment and debrief, workshops and one on one coaching both individual and team goals were accomplished. For leaders they realized greater collaboration, less reactivity and stress. For employees they achieved  greater engagement, collaboration and proactivity as well as savings of over $20,000 USD.

Challenged with leadership presence and an inexperienced manager who created conflict with key departments.

Wendy coached the Head, Corporate Finance Services & Operations at a municipality who wanted greater leadership presence, and to manage up in order to handle a difficult manager who created problems with key departments. She also wanted to align goals with those departments. The coaching took a proactive and strategic approach and identified resources required to overcome barriers imposed by the organization and her manager. She was able to speak more confidently with leaders throughout the organization to procure resources that were needed to achieve financial reporting deadlines. Due to her strengthened relationships with critical departments and senior leadership, she was able to de-escalate conflict with other departments to meet her departmental goals.

Limiting beliefs and personal challenges impacting focus and leadership.

Wendy helped the Founder and CEO of a tech start-up manage her limiting beliefs to ensure stronger focus and leadership skills by identifying  those beliefs as well as using some somatic tools. Wendy helped her increase clarity around the company goals, her personal vision and create a stronger business focus.

Struggling with confidence, a challenging team member and leading at a more strategic level.

Wendy worked with a Director of a National Not-For-Profit who had issues with confidence, was struggling to manage a challenging team member and wanted to lead her department with a stronger strategic focus which included leading them through change. Wendy used a variety of techniques to increase her client’s empathy and understanding of her direct reports. They also looked at the success factors for being more strategic and worked on adopting them. While they  worked together, she developed a cooperative and respectful relationship with her team member who also demonstrated growth in her role. She was able to speak with greater confidence and presence to senior leadership and the board of directors.

Stronger leadership presence, greater confidence and better visibility within his team.

Wendy worked with a Financial Services Senior Investment Analyst on creating a stronger leadership presence, increasing his confidence, improving his ability to sell himself within the team and become more visible. They identified limiting beliefs and actions holding him back in his role. From their work together, his confidence in work increased, he was able to better position himself within the team so that he was asked to participate in high profile projects.

Work-life balance, confidence, and interpersonal skills.

Wendy coached the Director of Vision Therapy of an eye clinic who wanted to work less yet still progress within her career, be a stronger leader to have more cooperative relationships with staff and increase confidence in leading her team. Wendy used a variety of visualizations, somatic and goal clarifying activities. During their working relationship she increased her confidence and skills in working with her team and improved those relationships.

Improve strategic focus, work-life balance, and emotional control in challenging situations.

Wendy helped the Director of Trade Marketing of  a multinational consumer packaged goods company improve strategic focus to move his area forward, work on proactive communication to reduce level of urgency with finance and sales, be more assertive than aggressive and achieve work-life balance. They worked to shift perspective to understand the needs of other departments, identify the bottlenecks and barriers to success and learn more collaborative ways to communicate. He was able to put a number of systems in place to anticipate renewals, improve planning to reduce the level of urgency, dial back the aggression and develop improved relationships by asking questions instead of dictating to them and enhance his daily strategic focus on goals.